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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Aryan Science of construction which is approximately 5000 years old. Vastu Shastra is one of the part of 64 divine artrs that includes Vastu Kala (art of construction), Murti Kala (art of sculpture) and Chitra Kala (art of drawing).Vastu Shastra is a sub-part of Atharvaveda, popularly known as Sthapatya Veda.
Vastu Shastra is a very powerful and effective tool tp apply in design, development and construction of a house , office, factory, commercial or residential complex or any other building. The application ov Vastu Shastra right from plot selection, soil testing, constructional plan, placement, layout, interior design, measurement to house warming. It has got varied Architectural, Engineering, Interior Designing, Astrological and design aspects. Students of Vastu Shastra shall most of there aspects. After completion of these courses they will be in a position to select a good site, suggest construction plan, work layout and offer remedial measures.The course includes Vastu shastra Principles for house, office factory, commercial and residential complex, hospital, school, row- houses, hotels and other such buildings.the most effective ,most rewardind and most sought career on Vastu Shastra will be a true investment in yourself which will surely bring handndsome returns. Achieve Harmony and peace by creating a proper balance between you and your place of living and working and maximize health, wealth, happiness and growth in your life. It is found that people who live in houses built as per Vastu principles gets success more easily and enjoy their life.
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Vastu Shastra
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